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Sales Support

Close coordination with the marketing and sales departments results in B2B campaigns directly tailored to their needs. Sales are crucial to success in B2B business, especially when it comes to the industrial arena. That’s reason enough for us to involve your sales department in the discussions – right from the start. That way, they’ll stand behind the marketing activities and prepare convincing arguments for their customers – in an eye-catching manner.

Together we achieve the best result.

Customer Acquisition

The structured acquisition of new customers costs both energy and time. We relieve your sales staff of tedious cold calls. With our B2B dialogue marketing campaigns, we identify and contact decision-makers in your target markets and suggest potential new customers. Upon request, we also offer multilingual, global campaigns. Our recipe for success: a concept that has been continually perfected over the years, convincing messages and serious conversations.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

What do your customers genuinely think? Where are the opportunities, where are the risks? We tailor our customer satisfaction surveys to the specific B2B situation. We also conduct individual and in-depth interviews with your clients and respond flexibly to their particular needs and desires – without losing the plot or getting lost in the details. Here, too, we focus on the global markets and interview your customers in a variety of languages upon request.

B2B Inbound Marketing

The Internet opens up entirely new opportunities for distribution because today a solution is often found with a search engine. B2B Inbound Marketing brings together all the activities that make your business, products and offerings and makes them easily located on the Internet. Moreover, your web presence complements the search rankings with content marketing, search engine optimisation and social media. Your advantage: completely new, global sales opportunities with a reasonable budget. We support you in developing a B2B inbound marketing strategy tailored to your needs and ensure the implementation and regular updating of your campaign activities.

Trade Fairs

Direct and no time wasted: your core target group is not only at trade fairs, but they’re actively looking for the right message. With attention-grabbing campaign measures both before and during the trade fair, we spark the curiosity of your target audience and get them to visit your stand. In this way, you can significantly increase the number of interesting contacts and active sales pitches at the trade fair. It’s also a brilliant way of strengthening your B2B brand.

In-house Exhibitions and Roadshows

Get closer to your customers: With in-house exhibitions and roadshows, you meet your customers right then and there. We develop and support you at transportable in-house exhibitions, roadshows or regional events. In doing so, we always focus on a holistic concept, clear-cut messages and a framework program that ensures your products leave a lasting impression.

Sales Presentations

Show your customer what interests them in a clear, concise and convincing manner. We’re happy to develop or optimise your sales presentations with great arguments to close the deal. At PUNKTUM, we also consider aspects of customer perception and decision-making psychology. Of course, we’ll always work according to your corporate design specifications and brand image.