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B2B Brand Management

Trust is the foundation of every successful business relationship. Together with you, we’ll build the trust for your brand. The approach for a B2B brand is unique and therefore offers excellent opportunities to develop your brand in a convincing and individualised way. The result: Your target group has the certainty that they are making the right decision.

We convince your customers.

Brand analysis and brand positioning

We position your B2B brand, company and products accurately in the market. We start with a precise analysis of your current positioning in the market, often accompanied by market and customer surveys tailored to B2B specifics. Through this, we’re able to develop your brand around these precise insights. Scientific analysis and proven brand models are the basis of our brand development, which we have specialised in the B2B market.

That’s how we know, precisely what’s happening in your target markets.

B2B Brand Workshops

Our B2B brand workshops give you answers to all the questions necessary for establishing a convincing brand. We’ll get an accurate impression of where your company, your products or your services currently stand and which ideas and values are associated with them. Then we develop a concrete vision with clear goals for the future of your brand. In the end, we summarise the results and develop a clear brand concept, as well as meaningful brand messages.

That’s how we create a strong foundation for your brand.

Corporate Design

We give your B2B brand a clear identity. We not only define the logo, typography and appropriate colour and image worlds, but we also ensure it works solidly for the development of brochures, advertisements and online media. Our experience pays off, especially when it comes to implementation. At PUNKTUM, we love creating corporate designs with clear and comprehensible rules, plus the necessary flexibility for every day practical requirements.

That’s how we develop a sharp image that works everywhere.

B2B Brand Development

Once the brand core, messages and target groups are defined, we develop an unmistakable brand concept. From the development of the brand name, logo, colours, look and feel, we design a unique brand appearance that perfectly fits your requirements. We also consider the brand reach – regionally or globally – and support you in the introduction or registration of intellectual property rights worldwide.

The result is an authentic brand that builds trust.