Positive appeal.
Making a lasting impression.


Those who can, do. And we do even more. With an extensive range of campaign measures at our fingertips, it’s never been easier to market your solutions, products and services in a precise, targeted fashion. Customer-centric communication with eye-catching visuals can leave a lasting impression.


We can offer more.

Consulting & Strategy

workshops | brand strategies | market analyses | target group analyses| persona development | customer satisfaction surveys
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[Translate to Englisch:] Strategische Beratung | PUNKTUM Werbeagentur | ganzheitliche B2B-Kommuniaktion

In B2B marketing, stardom rarely happens overnight. The path to success is paved with a structured approach and long-term, strategic planning. We provide you with comprehensive support and advise you as a trusted partner. You can always rely on our industry experience, engineering know-how and marketing skills at PUNKTUM.



We would be delighted to work out goals, tasks and procedures together with you as a team. We share our know-how during workshops on topics such as B2B branding, positioning and defining target groups. At the beginning of a project, we also offer an in-depth briefing.


Marketing strategies
Together with you, we develop a strategy tailored to your situation and specific goals, while maintaining a firm focus on the future development of your company.


Market analyses
We analyse your target markets, their market mechanisms and the relevant target groups - for example, through in-depth research or sophisticated market surveys.


Target group analyses
We examine your target groups in great detail and precisely determine who they are and what their needs, values and behaviour patterns are.


Persona development
From your target groups, we develop personas to give you clear insight into the characteristics of decision-makers and influencers relevant to your business.


Customer satisfaction surveys
We talk to your customers and have a chat infused with empathy, knowledge and a sense of trust. Our interviews are conducted flexibly and supported by guidelines, which allows for natural dialogues with qualitatively resilient results that show where you stand.

We find ways to success.




brand positioning| brand management| corporate design | brand language | internal branding
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[Translate to Englisch:] Motiv Marke und Branding | PUNKTUM Werbeagentur | ganzheitliche B2B-Kommuniaktion

Your company has many facets but only one face: the brand. It's a decisive factor when it comes to turning products and services into financial success. We support you in positioning your brand in the market and tapping its full potential.



Brand positioning
We find the best place in the market for your business or products. By laying the foundation for your distinctive brand image, we can create compelling messaging that differentiates you from your competitors.


Brand management
We help you gain brand value. After analysing how your brand is perceived in the market, we will develop a strategic plan to maintain or enhance brand equity so that you can maximize your market potential now and in the future.


Corporate design
We create a highly distinctive and modular-based corporate design, so your brand is powerfully conveyed both internally and externally. This approach enables a clear structure, high recognition and the flexibility required for cross-media application.


Brand language
We create a brand voice suited to your company, audience and industry by assuring consistent wording and a unique style. Since every word counts, we strive to create compelling brand language including claims, core messages, headlines and copy that are a pleasure to read.


Internal marketing
We know that when employees feel connected to the brand, a company performs even better. We help you convince employees and prospective hires of the brand’s power. By applying the principles of advertising to internal communication, this creates a passion for the brand vision.


Brand naming
We develop global brand names for new companies, services and products that work across multilingual communications. Of course, we also check their usability, and we can manage the application for trademark protection on your behalf if desired.



We create global awareness for your brand.




concept development | big idea| action plan| multilingual communication
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[Translate to Englisch:] Motiv B2B-Kampagne | PUNKTUM Werbeagentur | ganzheitliche B2B-Kommuniaktion

The creative soul of an agency is tremendously important, especially when it comes to B2B marketing. In addition to our extensive B2B experience, almost all of our team members have worked for major international agencies. What's more, our team has spent many years working abroad in the USA, Great Britain, Italy and France - giving us invaluable knowledge of regional idiosyncrasies in many countries. As a result, we make an ideal partner for both national and global campaigns. We can delight you with unexpected ideas without losing sight of the essentials: your goals.



Concept development
We put a lot of energy into the concept development. It’s powered by a combination of strategy, brand and market analyses, creativity, technical competence and industry experience. The result: an electrifying campaign.


Big idea
We always anchor campaigns with a big idea that propels your brand forward. It systematically shapes the scope of communication and offers a high degree of recognition.


Action plan
We develop an action plan that ensures the optimal achievement of your goals. We always strive for the greatest possible reach with the lowest possible scatter loss.


Multilingual communication
We do not merely translate; we adapt and transcreate language. Delivering persuasive and stylish copy comes naturally to our multilingual team of native-speaking copywriters, who take significant consideration to craft the perfect message to the respective audience.



We provide a strong communicative framework.




web design | B2B inbound marketing | B2B content marketing | search engine marketing (SEO & SEA) | B2B social media marketing | email marketing
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[Translate to Englisch:] Motiv B2B-Online-Marketing | PUNKTUM | ganzheitliche B2B-Kommuniaktion

Reach the target audience with relevant content, at as many touchpoints as possible, and get the perfect message across. At PUNKTUM, we know about the multitude of online opportunities in B2B communication and tailor it according to your specific needs - across all channels and aligned with the overarching creative concept.



Web design
We design websites according to the content funnel principle and implement them in a user-friendly way supported by open source content management systems. The spectrum ranges from special-offer websites to sophisticated solutions integrated with CRM or ERP systems.


B2B inbound marketing
As part of a holistic strategy, we ensure your company and solutions are easy to find online. Above all, we make sure that your offer also captures the interest of potential customers.


B2B content marketing
We develop engaging and relevant online content to attract and retain your target audience. With a storytelling approach, we create compelling copy that will position your brand as an industry thought leader.


Search engine marketing (SEO & SEA)
We optimise your online presence and activate digital campaigns tailored to your target audiences to assure your solutions are ranked higher in search queries.


B2B social media marketing
We know that social media plays an ever-increasing role in the success of B2B campaigns. We develop concepts tailored to meet the needs of your target groups through B2B communication explicitly made for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Co.


E-Mail marketing
We make sure that your e-mail marketing is effective, optimised for mobile screens, automated and GDPR compliant. Staying in the know of the latest trends is essential in B2B communication.


We meet your target group wherever they are.




image brochures | product brochures | advertisements | corporate design | infographics and pictograms | key visuals | corporate publishing
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[Translate to Englisch:] Motiv Print | PUNKTUM | ganzheitliche B2B-Kommuniaktion

Print continues to play a significant role in B2B marketing. Especially in cases with lengthy decision-making processes, print media advertising is an ideal solution from an ROI perspective. With sustainable print media, you ensure a high level of credibility and benefit from a broad reach. 



Image brochures
We showcase your philosophy and values. Present your brand and what it stands for with striking visuals and persuasive messages - it makes for a pleasurable and inspiring read.   


Product brochures
We place your products, solutions and technologies centre-stage in brochures crafted to meet the needs of your customers. With our in-house engineering know-how, we ensure the content is technically flawless and at the same time easy to understand.


We help your brand get noticed. Whether image ads, product ads or full-scale advertising campaigns - we ensure a high level of attention in relevant trade publications. We can also take over media planning on request.


Corporate design
We make sure to complete the look and feel of your marketing endeavours. For example, we develop matching business cards, e-mail signatures, templates and presentations.


Infographics and pictograms
We present complex interrelationships and processes in a simple, clear and quickly comprehensible manner. Infographics, pictograms, charts and diagrams are also part of our talent spectrum.


Key visuals
We develop powerful campaign motifs that visually enhance communication. Whether using image-making techniques or planning a photoshoot - we give your project a wow-effect.


Corporate Publishing
We help you to credibly convey your brand and philosophy through regularly published magazines to strengthen dialogue with your customers and employees.


We put great ideas on paper.



Lead generation

dialogue marketing | lead generation | sales presentations | sales support | market analysis
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[Translate to Englisch:] Motiv Dialogmarketing und Leadgenerierung | PUNKTUM | ganzheitliche B2B-Kommuniaktion

We actively support your sales activities. One way we do this is by delivering your team qualified leads. We offer specially designed measures where we contact decision-makers in your target markets and identify potential new customers. What's more, we do this in multiple languages and around the globe. We give your sales force more time for what they do best – seal the deal.



Dialogue marketing
We develop inspiring dialogue marketing campaigns with clear and convincing messages. We like to package them in unusual and eye-catching elements or with giveaways that impress decision-makers so much it doesn't end up in the bin.  


Lead generation
We generate leads for you. Time and again, our customers rely on our proven methods, specially tailored to B2B markets. Optimised over many years, we use these methodologies to communicate with top decision-makers in a sophisticated and trustworthy manner.


Sales presentations
We develop and design presentations oriented towards the needs of your customers as well as your sales force. We also help you structure the presentation's content and create templates that can be filled and used flexibly.


Sales support
We support your sales force, be it sales strategies, trade fairs, roadshows or expanding your sales activities in more concrete terms. We advise you every step of the way, offering you the tools you need and expertise from our partner network. We bring marketing and sales together to form a powerful and successful unit.


Market analyses
We help you capture new markets and get a glimpse of the needs, expectations and trends in various markets. From a neutral perspective, we prepare comprehensive market analyses that provide detailed insight into the current market situation.


We win new customers effectively.



Film & Photography

image films | product videos, instructional videos and animations | 3D visualisations | photoshoots
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[Translate to Englisch:] Motiv Film, Video und Fotografie | PUNKTUM | ganzheitliche B2B-Kommuniaktion

We put your company and its B2B solutions in the spotlight: cinematically, as photography or in the form of visualisations. You rely on our agency's experience and expertise as well as on our strong partner network. Your advantage? You come away with perfectly suited images for your campaign, both in terms of content and aesthetics.



Image films
We are there for you from the start: from the first idea and treatments, storyboard development and script creation to filming supervision and approval. We also offer multilingual support.


Product videso, instructional videos and animations
We want your campaign to be impressive: with real images or computer animations. We bring your products and solutions to life in a visually sophisticated way so your target group can understand the technology them and their advantages.


3D visualisations
We work according to the motto that nothing is impossible. Even if your product, solution or building only exists on paper, we can create photorealistic visualisations or animated 3D representations based on your CAD data.


We create unforgettable photographic images. We offer professional photo shootings that make your products, employees or buildings magazine-worthy.


We make every picture tell a story.




trade fair booths | events| Roadshows | in-house exhibitions
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[Translate to Englisch:] Motiv Events und Veranstaltungen | PUNKTUM | ganzheitliche B2B-Kommuniaktion

Getting noticed doesn't have to be at all costs. With brilliant ideas and eye-catching campaigns, you can attract attention anywhere, on the spot. We make your company stand out from the crowd and increase the number of active sales conversations at trade fairs and events.



Trade fair booths
Within a holistic communication concept, we turn your trade fair presence into an experience with targeted campaigns or complete exhibition stands of 20, 80 or 800 sqm. We are also happy to take over the planning and construction of your stand together with our network partners.


We build the stage for a successful event – be it a product launch, company anniversary or employee party. We take care of the communication around your event, and upon request, work with our event planning partners to turn your event into an unforgettable highlight.


We develop mobile solutions to travel to your target group on location. With roadshow trucks, the door-to-door campaign is delivered directly to your audience and puts your brand in the fast lane.


In-house exhibitions
We help you coordinate exclusive meet-up sessions to make your customer presentation even more effective. From designing your in-house exhibition to crafting the communication measures, or even taking care of the overall planning, we are happy to help.


We make your brand an experience.


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