CentraLine ⋅ PEHA ⋅ SBC

A Solution for the Hotel Industry at a Centre for Excellence.


Honeywell brands, SBC and CentraLine, offer trendsetting solutions in building automation. Their intelligent products enable hotel operations to integrate into its building management system. The effect? Efficiency benefits for the hotel operator – and maximum comfort for their guests. To present the solutions, they were installed – together with attractive products from the Honeywell subsidiary PEHA – in a 5-Star and 4-Star Solution room at the Munich Hotel Management Centre. Our task: to make a striking impression. That’s what we did – with a 360° video, product photography and brochure.


Create a modern presentation for use at the Munich Hotel Management Centre to include the intelligent solutions and products for the hotel industry from the three Honeywell brands: SBC, CentraLine and PEHA. To convey a balanced mix of comfort for the guest, efficiency for the operator and flexibility for the installer, we developed a comprehensive idea and holistic presentation concept.


With our concept, we showcase the solutions from the two rooms exactly as they are: intelligent, future-oriented helpers in the hotel. Using impressive images from our photo shoot, we created a brochure that is both visually and emotionally appealing, as well as an online, interactive 360° video that transforms both the 5-Star and 4-Star Solution room into a virtual reality experience in the hotel of the future.


  • Consulting
  • Concept
  • Photography
  • Filming
  • Copy
  • Project coordination

360° Animation

With the interactive demonstration of the two hotel rooms, users can get to know both the visible and invisible solutions of the three Honeywell brands SBC, CentraLine and PEHA. The hidden elements in the rooms are brought into view using navigation elements and simple, compelling copy.



With the emotionally designed product brochure, we offer “vision of a space”. Not only do we communicate the smart solutions of the three Honeywell brands in a modern design and intelligent copy, but we also digitally connect the offline medium with the direct route to the 360° video.


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