SMA Solar Technology – Trade Fair Campaign

Project Description

SMA Solar Technology

Trade fair campaign that doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

With over 3,000 employees in 20 countries, SMA Solar Technology AG is the global leader in photovoltaic system technology. SMA also offers inverters for safe energy supply in off-grid areas, which can be combined with various sources such as solar, water and wind energy. Therefore, it’s a perfect fit to position the brand at the leading trade fair for wind energy.


SMA is globally renown as a specialist in photovoltaic systems technology. However, it’s not common knowledge that SMA also offers highly advanced solutions for the wind energy industry. It was therefore a matter of convincing industry decision-makers about SMA’s expertise and solutions specifically for wind power through a small campaign.


What sympathetically shows both industry knowledge and solution competence? SMA Wind Energy Quartet, for example. It shows the history of wind energy from the first Persian windmills to modern wind turbines – and even features the inverters from SMA as a joker card. We sent the first two playing cards to the most important industry decision-makers by invitation before the trade fair. Anyone interested could pick up the complete card game directly at the SMA stand at the event.
A particular highlight in the development of the Quartet playing cards: We researched the appropriate data and facts about the systems at the manufacturers and museums. It caused so much excitement that the technical director of an open-air museum even had his old windmill laser measured so our Quartet cards would be picture perfect.

The Quartet card set off a wind storm at the fair and was a wild success. To this end, a high double-digit percentage of the decision makers contacted visited the stand and redeemed the invitation.

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