Broadridge (Singapore) – B2B Dialogue Marketing

Project Description

Broadridge (Singapore)

A globe conquers Asia.

We successfully chartered the Asia-Pacific region with a comprehensive direct mailing for Broadridge (Singapore) Private Limited: Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and Hong Kong – five different countries, languages and cultures. With a direct marketing campaign adapted to the different target countries, we were able to convince the decision makers of large companies to use the Broadridge solutions featuring SWIFT.


Win new customers. To do so, we first had to identify the top executives of large companies in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Japan and then convince them of the advantages of a SWIFT outsourcing solution through a B2B dialogue marketing campaign.


In an intensive, on-site briefing, we first familiarised ourselves with the cultural characteristics of the destination countries. Upon returning to Germany, we adapted our globe mailing for each of the markets with a target-group-specific approach. In doing so, we also responded to the various knowledge bases, needs and requirements in the respective markets.
In coordination with Broadridge and the SWIFT office in Singapore, we organised the implementation and shipment of the mailing. Subsequently, our network partner from Germany followed-up by telephone to talk with the recipients and generate leads.

  • Analysis
  • Concept
  • Copy (multilingual)
  • Design
  • Address Qualification
  • Production and Shipping
  • Lead Generation
Broadridge SSingapore) Private Limited

The national language, personal cover letter, informative brochure and globe money bank: This was an unforgettable B2B dialogue marketing campaign symbolic for international payment transactions.

Convincing Numbers – Response Rate
150 Recipients
Response rate 48%

With 48 per cent, we achieved an above-average response rate thanks to our intensive address training in advance and targeted telephone follow-up.

Our B2B dialogue marketing campaign went to 150 recipients in the Asia-Pacific region. The individual mailings were sent directly from Germany to Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and the city-states of Singapore and Hong Kong – a logistical challenge that we mastered perfectly.

Project Details