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BayernCare – Marketing campaign

Project Description


Marketing campaign for real estate within geriatric care industry.

BayernCare develops real estate in the field of senior citizen housing and care facilities. With 34 developed facilities, it is one of the leading providers of senior citizen real estate in Bavaria. As part of a sharpening of the company’s positioning, we were entrusted to develop a comprehensive concept to further the growth of BayernCare.


Development of an overarching concept of measures for the precise positioning of BayernCare in the market, plus the successful marketing of new properties in all relevant online and offline media.


We worked together with BayernCare’s marketing department to develop a concept and realised many marketing activities. We developed two new claims for the business areas residential care and service living, as well as a uniform language style for the entire communication. A new corporate website, in addition to modular microsites for new properties. A new presentation concept, brochure design and on-site communication, as well as various social media activities.

In this way, we were able to sharpen the profile of BayernCare and transform the entire communication into a contemporary and uniform appearance.

  • Analysis
  • Consulting
  • Action Plan
  • Concept
  • Copy
  • Claim Development
  • Design
  • Implementation
Successful growth strategy: BayernCare in numbers

Resident Spaces


Senior Housing


Completed Projects

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Two business lines, two claims
  • Claim Pflegewohnen BayernCare PUNKTUM Marketing für Immobilien
  • Claim BayernCare Servicewohnen - PUNKTUM Werbeagentur - Marke Immobilien

We care for your investment. The claim for the nursing home division stands for comprehensive care and support in modern nursing homes. Simultaneously, it underlines a worthwhile investment.

We safeguard your values. Our claim for the business segment senior citizen homes aims at an independent, individual form of living with free space and support, when needed. And does so with ageless dignity.

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  • BayernCare - Bauzaun - Vermarktung Immobilien - PUNKTUM Werbeagentur

On-site communication tailored to the overall appearance. Here, the example of building signs.
The presentation of property plans also features a new and friendly appearance.

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  • Broschüre Vermarktung BayernCare PUNKTUM Marketing für Immobilien

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