Brand development and corporate design

City of Bad Vilbel – Hessentag 2020


Hessentag is an annual state festival that is also the largest and oldest of its kind in Germany. More than one million visitors flock to the respective host city, where Hessentag is celebrated over ten days. In 2020, the Hessentag was to be held in Bad Vilbel, but had to be cancelled due to the corona pandemic.


Develop an independent and memorable brand image for the 60th Hessentag in Bad Vilbel, which inspires the residents of the host city and the entire population of the state of Hesse alike.


We developed a signature letter-based logo combined with a striking corporate design to use across all measures. A colour gradient underlines the formal language and whets the appetite for the celebratory atmosphere of the event. The catchy claim supports the visual language and presents the City of Bad Vilbel as a friendly host. Numerous on- and offline measures were reflected throughout the city.


  • Analysis of previous Hessentag festivals
  • Strategic consulting
  • Concept development
  • Logo and corporate design
  • Claim development
  • Plan of action
  • Design and copywriting
  • Implementation of measures
  • Project management

Logo development and claim

The logo for the Hessentag hosted in Bad Vilbel transports the facets of the city - culture, nature and water - in an inspiring and modern way. The claim "We set the stage for Hesse" brings the intention of the state festival to the point.


Corporate design manual

The corporate design manual defines the brand appearance of "Hessentag 2020" in all facets. The manual includes good practice examples for applying the design across all media types.

Corporate stationery

The City of Bad Vilbel's city council confidently presented itself as the host city for Hessentag 2020 in the months running up to the festival.



Announcement flyers drew attention to Bad Vilbel hosting Hessentag and presented the city with all its diversity. Eye-catching design: the clever double-gate fold literally sets the stage for Hessentag 2020.


Flags and roll-ups

Numerous flags and roll-ups made their mark across town and in central locations to get citizens in the mood for the state festival.


Edgar freecards and postcards

Postcards, including the branded Edgar cards with free postage Germany-wide, attracted lots of attention in Bad Vilbel and beyond. The Edgar Freecards were entirely out of stock in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Kassel, Darmstadt and Mainz within days.


Social media

Across social media, we promoted the state festival by posting ads about concert offerings and individual events.


Print ads

Advertisements in numerous regional and national newspapers and magazines promoted the Hessentag events in Bad Vilbel.



A comprehensive merchandising package complemented the "Hessentag 2020" brand.


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