Expertise is everywhere.
But a one-stop solution is here.


From graduate engineers to skilled linguists, at PUNKTUM, you will find professionals who will advance your B2B communication. Our team is comprised of engineers, communication designers, product designers, writers, online marketing managers, computer scientists with extensive experience working in technology. Our interdisciplinary approach offers an unbeatable bundle of expertise that will enable you to reach goals, and more likely, exceed them. 


We take you even further.

Technological understanding

In-house engineering know-how: we know the ins and outs, and apply it to achieve your goals.
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We understand how complex technologies, products and services work – inside and out. We transform this understanding into user-friendly and relevant communication for any target group. It’s one of the many advantages of having in-house engineering know-how, and what makes PUNTKUM an exceedingly unique and talented B2B agency.


Our approach is to ...

  • familiarise ourselves with your technologies and markets, and then create relevant and technically flawless messaging.
  • communicate the strengths and advantages of solutions, products and services to prospective customers in a convincing, appealing and understandable manner.
  • work with you every step of the way, especially in terms of content.


Our clients often tell us that we collaborate in a completely different way than other agencies. That makes us a little proud too.



Industry insights

Comprehensive understanding of markets and industries: our insights are key to your success.
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For over 25 years, we’ve specialised in B2B communication. We’re proud of our more than 5,500 successfully implemented projects. Thanks to our knowledge of almost all major industries and markets, we've watched our clients grow and thrive. We’re familiar with industry structures, decision-making processes and expectations from the perspective of both suppliers and customers.


We are your ...

  • experienced consultants during the strategy and concept development phase, deep-diving into your brand’s role and image within the market.
  • committed partner supporting your business units and sales processes from lead generation to closing the deal.
  • market exploration specialists determining current trends, moods and expectations for B2B as well as market and target group analysis.


Is less really more? When it comes to market experience, we believe that more is more. And there's no limit to what we can do to help you uncover new opportunities.



Go-to-market strategy

Strategic advice based on sound market knowledge: we help you enter new markets from analysis and adaptation, all the way to measurable success.
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To succeed in any market, you have to know the market. In addition to brainstorming and implementing creative ideas, we believe one element is essential: comprehensive strategic consulting for our clients. Why? Our goal is to enhance your commercial success sustainably.


We advise you ...

  • as specialists who always have the big picture in mind while offering a holistic toolkit full of ideas and campaign measures.
  • with an eye on the objective, because the best way to achieve a goal is by choosing the most appropriate campaign measures.
  • in all matters of communication and brand development as well as sales support and strategic positioning.


Our strategy is quite simple: we are only satisfied when you are. What's the best go-to-market strategy for your company? We would be delighted to find that out together with you.



International expansion

Global marketing campaign strategy and implementation: we know what makes the world go round.
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We have been supporting our B2B customers in all major world markets for many years thanks to our understanding of marketing localisation and our multilingual team of copywriters. We develop international campaign concepts that work globally and adapt them to suit regional markets perfectly.


Expand your reach with our ...

  • many years of experience in the development, implementation and localisation of international campaigns and projects.
  • professional native-speaking copywriters and transcreation specialists who are fluent in B2B marketing, so your message is well received and convincing in any language.
  • world-oriented team sensitive to the unique qualities and characteristics of cultures within the respective target countries.


At home in the world, with our roots in B2B - global marketing campaigns come second nature to us. Looking to expand to new markets? We support your growth globally.



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