7 Strategies for Effective B2B Marketing in Germany

Germany’s long-term growth potential makes it an attractive market to start or expand a business. In this article, we offer tips on market structures, advertising and the seemingly strange ways that B2B business is conducted in Germany. One hint: it usually boils down to efficiency.

Effective B2B Marketing in Germany | Welcome to Germany | PUNKTUM B2B Agency

Frank Hussendörfer is the founder and owner of PUNKTUM, specialising in international B2B marketing, advertising, consulting and online communication. With his degree in engineering and more than 25 years of industry experience, Frank shares his insights into the opportunities and pain points of doing business in the German market.


Expect honesty

German directness is one of the biggest challenges for our international clients, even for the biggest fans of transparency. Typically, there isn’t much beating about the bush or small talk. It’s normal to get directly to the point and separate business from leisure activities. For people from English-speaking countries, this behaviour may seem rude and perhaps even insulting, but direct communication is valued in Germany because it’s seen as honest, efficient, and trustworthy.

We help bridge the communication gap and ensure nothing gets lost in translation – by getting directly to the point: your success. And, when it comes to small talk, you’ll probably get a kick out of our accents.


Nearly everything is German-engineered

While Germany is renowned for fast cars and mechanical mastery, the business world is equally well-engineered and structured. Entering the German market requires a profound knowledge of bureaucracy, regulations and market structures.

We help our clients manage the bureaucracy, share local industry insights and develop go-to-market strategies. Our blueprint: we reverse-engineer the process to give you a clear game plan to conquer the market.

A masterpiece of German engineering: the 150-year-old Neuschwanstein fairy tale castle was built with a telephone system, an electric butler call, water closets and central heating right from the start.

Market structures directly influence new product launches

German industry is well known for some of its big global players like Siemens, SAP, etc. Still, numerous successful small and middle-sized companies in Germany offer tremendous B2B sales and marketing potential. Developing an effective launch strategy requires knowing how the markets are structured and how the respective sectors work.

With a reasonable budget, we help evaluate your market potential by conducting an in-depth industry analysis. Whether you’re looking to partner with a German giant or go up against players on their home turf, we’ll give you an insider look at the competition.


Prepare for unparalleled fiscal discipline

There is a deeply ingrained perception of avoiding debt and excess spending in the German culture. Society here is notorious for savings and austerity, and this spills over into the business world in a way that can be frustrating for international companies. Unlike other markets where venture capitalists ‘throw money at a project’ to see if it takes off, budgets here are tightly controlled. People are accustom to delayed gratification, and this discipline is evident in business too. The German expression ‘gut Ding will Weile haben’ (good things take time) runs deep here.

We make doing business in Germany exponentially easier for our customers. While some are dismayed by the rigmarole, we are rather impressed by how many official stamps and signatures we can gather in a single week.


Proof is in empirical evidence (not the pudding)

Germans take a very analytical approach to business. Product and service benefits are fine and dandy, but decision-makers here need statistical diagrams, tables and graphs as proof to safeguard the company’s financial resources. The more data, the better too. Purchasing managers will not only want product info but extensive data on service levels as well.


We help companies abroad build long-lasting and profitable partnerships – by digging into the data for you. Our German brainpower can compile and present all technical information, so it perfectly fits the local logic.


Getting to yes requires consensus

Decisions are rarely ever spontaneous in Germany and often require lengthy evaluations and detailed conversations with multiple stakeholders. Understanding this cultural aspect saves a tremendous amount of time and frustration. When we consult companies unfamiliar with this market, we encourage them to include all the people who influence the decision-maker. Should a colleague or department not be included, the entire process runs the risk of having to start from the beginning all over again.

Our approach saves clients time and money when launching products and services in Germany. We plan for collective buy-in from stakeholders to spend more time building and expanding your brand.


Take a serious look at data protection

If your company wants to enter the German market, it’s vital to understand the legal requirements for data protection and privacy to avoid very costly fines. Take it even a step further by understanding potential customers' concerns and developing a strategy to ensure data integrity. Our consulting services clarify the grey areas of The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our solutions keep your business's online presence in line with the latest EU data protection and privacy developments. Germans often strive for perfection, especially when it comes to keeping websites data compliant. But when it comes to website adaptation to the German market, we don't stick with word-to-word translations. You say potato, we say Kartoffel.

Welcome to Mainhattan – Frankfurt am Main, the only German city with skyscrapers in its skyline. PUNKTUM is located just outside this bustling financial centre in the heart of Germany, with easy access via air, rail and autobahn.

The warmest welcome in Germany! We are located just outside of Frankfurt, one of Germany’s most intercultural cities. Together with our network of specialists, we offer an entire spectrum of online marketing services. Our multilingual creative team is well versed in traditional and online marketing, market research, social media, and advertising campaigns in Germany and around the world.


Curious to know how PUNKTUM can help expand your business to new markets? Contact us today!



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