An Established B2B Agency with Start-up Flair

PUNKTUM has the energy and creative spark of a start-up, even after 25 years in B2B advertising and marketing. It's hard to find another modern agency in Germany with so much expertise and technical knowledge. The road to success has been an exciting one, so we'll start at the beginning.

 Frank Hussendörfer | Founder and owner of PUNKTUM B2B Advertising Agency  | The B2B Agency with Start-up Flair

The 90s version of Mad Men

June 1993 – An engineer and designer decided to start their own business and open an advertising agency. Big agencies are raking in the bucks, and creative network partners spring up like weeds after a rainstorm.

But it’s also a time when German companies realise their success does not only depend on top quality and technical precision. Lower prices from manufacturers in China and highly skilled marketing of US companies force a global rethink. As a result, German companies wanting to compete internationally needed to improve their marketing and position themselves more competitively.


Small space, big ideas

Long before the term start-up entered the vernacular, Frank Hussendörfer and his former business partner founded their new venture. Unlike other 90s start-ups based in garages, PUNKTUM began its creative journey in a humble two-room office outside Frankfurt. The recent university graduates harnessed their courage and enthusiasm and established a B2B agency with engineering know-how. Their first projects included developing campaigns and annual reports on behalf of a major network agency as they continued to grow their client base.


B2B or not to be?

What does the talent of an engineer and a designer bring to the advertising pool? A lot of laughter at first. The combination seemed ridiculous at the time (before most even knew about the Internet). But as they say, new ideas always sound crazy at first.

They mastered some difficult times, but hey: every good storyline needs challenges to build character. In 1998, "PUNKTUM - Agency for Artistic Communication" became PUNKTUM Advertising Agency, registered as PUNKTUM Werbeagentur GmbH in Germany. And with the less artsy but more professional name, both the tasks and the team grew. However, one thing remained constant: the start-up flair.


Start-up thinking. Grown-up delivery.

Team spirit is the attitude that enables our creatives, project managers and IT experts to develop brilliant campaigns and concepts. Together, we share a vision of continual improvement and success -- pushing the status quo with a future-forward mindset. It's not what you might expect from a B2B agency specialising in industries that tend to be characterised by conservative mechanisms. We go beyond the proverbial horizon and offer our clients traditional B2B and much more, including creative mechanics, sales topics, dialogue marketing, neuromarketing and behavioural economics.

As a result, our customers benefit from highly optimised solutions, regardless of communication type. All the concepts we develop are designed to help our clients' brands straight away. With over 25 years of experience, we can offer valuable insights into almost every important industry in Germany and Europe. What's more, we have also been developing global B2B campaigns with proven success for the past ten years. Together with our broad network of specialists, we offer the entire spectrum of marketing services. Our team of native-speaking copywriters enables us to support our clients with all major languages for international markets. No matter if it's New York, Singapore or Frankfurt.

Our recipe for success? Keep stirring the pot.

We've made a name for ourselves that carries weight with our clients. But we don't take it for granted and continually strive for excellence. Our office is ideally situated a short ride from Frankfurt and is the creative hub for our 12 dedicated team members and loyal office pets, Bruno and Milow.

Rather than following trends, we work hard to set new ones. We challenge our ideas and never take the first one that comes along. We see ourselves as partners to our clients, elevating their B2B communications to a new level with sound advice, sensible concepts, intelligent strategies and vision. We offer it all: digital and print, social media, films, campaigns, POS, brochures, catalogues and much more.


Technology, emotionalised.

Our website is an excellent example of how we transform technology into an appealing message. We not only understand how complex solutions work, but we can also explain it in a way that's emotionally appealing and technically accurate. How do we pull it off? It takes a lot of know-how. Our agency comes with engineering expertise built-in, enabling us to grasp complicated subject matter and truly understand what our customers are saying. Combine that with our marketing skills, and you have a clear and tangible message.

We're way beyond the classic start-up mode: we're an international B2B agency with start-up flair.

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