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Welcome to the PUNKTUM blog – a behind the scenes look at inspiring ideas and some of our greatest B2B campaigns. Our monthly posts are anything but the typical industry cliches. We reveal what makes us tick, our approach to creative concepts and our authentic perspectives on advertising and marketing. What’s more, we openly discuss strategies and offer valuable agency insights that relate to the world of B2B marketing. From important event to news and trends – we’ve got it covered. Curious to find out more? Scroll away …



Titelbild Blogbeitrag SEO & SEA im B2B Marketing | Punktum Werbeagentur
by Ben Gambach

For years, there has been no getting around the terms SEA and SEO if you want to be successful online. But what challenges, but also advantages, do both tools offer B2B companies? We talked about this with our internal experts. Read more

Effective B2B Marketing in Germany | Welcome to Germany | PUNKTUM B2B Agency
by Frank Hussendörfer

Tap into the high potential of the German market with native insights that save international companies a lot of time and frustration … Read more

Cover photo blog article start-up: Frank Hussendörfer | Founder and owner of PUNKTUM B2B Advertising Agency  | The B2B Agency with Start-up Flair
by Ben Gambach

The creative energy of a start-up with 25 years of marketing experience – that’s PUNKTUM in a nutshell. Get the scoop on how it started here ... Read more

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