Multimedia campaign for a high-tech digital solution.


ASi-5: The shuttle into digitalization.

AS-Interface is the most efficient, simple and standardized bus system for the lower field level. AS-Interface has been successful for years, with over 350 member companies and more than 37 million nodes installed worldwide. Reason enough for AS-International to make this technology fit for the future and ready for Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things with its new standard ASi-5, and also a good reason for us to present this new standard to the world with an expansive launch campaign.


With its new standard ASi-5, AS-Interface is now even more efficient and ready for the age of digitalization. At the same time, the bus system continues to be easy to handle and has complete downward compatibility. Our job was to convincingly communicate this message in an expansive B2B multi-media campaign, both from a technical viewpoint and emotionally.


An attention-grabbing launch campaign, visually focusing on the archer. Why? It’s quite simple: Because she represents much of what distinguishes ASi-5: simplicity and high-tech, speed and precision. Based on the key visual, we developed an entire B2B campaign – online and offline, appealing and eye-catching. We were responsible for the entire development process from the conception and ideation to the execution in all relevant channels.

  • Strategic consulting
  • Positioning
  • Conception
  • Design
  • Copy
  • Pictures an videos
  • Execution
  • Project coordination

The key visual and logo of the B2B campaign
The archer and the ASi-5 logo dominate our B2B campaign and communicate central characteristics like simplicity, precision and high-tech in an emotional way.

ASi-5 landing page
The responsive landing page, which we created especially for the launch of ASi-5, introduces the new technology to the target group, and succinctly and concisely sums up the advantages and what’s new about ASi-5.

ASi-5 animated video
Welcome to the world of ASi-5: In an animated video we combine real scenes and 3D animation to create a virtual world of the possibilities and features of the new standard ASi-5. In an analogy with a perfect, straight shot at the target, the features of ASi-5 also lie on a single ideal line – the yellow ASi cable.

Trade fair presence: SPS/IPC/Drives 2018
For the launch, we boldly play the B2B campaign on the AS-Interface exhibition booth in Nuremberg at one of the most important trade fairs for automation technology. The grand appearance is accompanied by an interactive presentation that allows visitors to intuitively navigate through the possibilities of the new technology on touch screens.


Brochure and insert
The image brochure and the ASi-5 insert, included with the most important trade magazines in the period before the trade fair, are an essential part of the campaign. Here we communicate the highlights of the bus system in informative and emotional copy, using newly developed USP icons and 3D graphics.

The making of the ASi-5 B2B campaign
Ten hours of hard work for the model and the crew: Scenes and poses for the campaign – filmed and shot in front of a green screen in a virtual studio.


Multimedia Campaign

June 3rd, 2019|