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PUNKTUM offers technical, engineering know-how combined with extensive experience in strategic B2B communication. For more than 20 years, we at PUNKTUM have been successfully advising and supporting technology companies as one of the few advertising agencies with proven technical expertise. Our customers include owner-managed medium-sized companies as well as large corporations. Our passion is comprehensive B2B marketing, international B2B campaigns and perfectly coordinated activities – always individually tailored to the respective target groups and B2B markets.

We understand you.

Who We Are

Teamwork makes the dream work. Even more so with you. That’s why we work closely with our customers. We feel right at home with their solutions, product and target markets. At PUNKTUM, we love straightforward communication, and we’re always in close contact with our clients.

<b>Frank Hussendörfer, Dipl.-Ing. </b> <br />Executive Director

Frank Hussendörfer, Dipl.-Ing.
Executive Director

<b>Mareike Jünemann, M.A. </b> <br />Copy & Concept · Authorised Signatory

Mareike Jünemann, M.A.
Copy & Concept · Authorised Signatory

<b>Alexander Voigt </b> <br />Branch Manager Leipzig · Authorised Officer

Alexander Voigt
Branch Manager Leipzig · Authorised Officer

<b>Mira Wienand, M.A.</b> <br />Executive Assistant

Mira Wienand, M.A.
Executive Assistant

<b>Stefanie Bußmann </b> <br />Senior Art Director

Stefanie Bußmann
Senior Art Director

<b>Benjamin Gambach, M.A. </b> <br />Copy & Concept

Benjamin Gambach, M.A.
Copy & Concept

<b> Vanessa Alena Schmidt, M.A.</b> <br />Art Director

Vanessa Alena Schmidt, M.A.
Art Director

<b>Günter Zähringer, Dipl.-Medieninform.</b> <br />Project Manager Web

Günter Zähringer, Dipl.-Medieninform.
Project Manager Web

<b>Antje Schleinitz </b> <br />Junior Art Director

Antje Schleinitz
Junior Art Director

<b>Tim Seibert, Dipl.-Des.</b> <br />Art Director

Tim Seibert, Dipl.-Des.
Art Director

<b>Christian Schilling, Dipl.-Inf.-Wirt (FH) </b><br />Web Project Manager

Christian Schilling, Dipl.-Inf.-Wirt (FH)
Web Project Manager

<b>Marcella Schneider</b> <br />Online Specialist

Marcella Schneider
Online Specialist

<b>Christian Mitrakas </b> <br /> Web Developer

Christian Mitrakas
Web Developer

<b>Jennifer Reichert, B. Sc. </b> <br /> English Copywriter

Jennifer Reichert, B. Sc.
English Copywriter

<strong>Clémence Hublet </strong> <br />französischsprachige Texterin

Clémence Hublet
französischsprachige Texterin

<b>Frank Krämer, Dipl.-Des. </b> <br />Web Development

Frank Krämer, Dipl.-Des.
Web Development

<b> Bruno</b> <br />Office pet

Office pet

<b>Milow </b> <br />Office pet

Office pet

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Wortwahl, Agency for corporate and online communications

Wortwahl, Agency for corporate and online communications



Photography Alex Schwander

Photography Alex Schwander



Wiesel Events

Wiesel Events