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B2B Consultation

Success in B2B rarely comes overnight. The way to achieve this is through long-term B2B consulting and strategic planning. This takes into account the specifics of the respective B2B market, the expectations of the target group and always include new possibilities. At PUNKTUM, we have the experience, engineering know-how and marketing competence to consider all relevant aspects and comprehensively advise you.

We know what makes it worth it.

Market research and analysis

We work intensively with your markets, identify the relevant target groups and market mechanisms within B2B.
With our technical knowledge, we understand your technologies. And thanks to our market experience, we have a good idea of what makes these industries tick. Targeted, sophisticated surveys conducted among decision-makers also reveal specific needs and current market trends. We make this happen, and even around the world at your request.

This creates a comprehensive overview of your target market, so we can precisely coordinate our campaigns.

Target group analyses

We examine your target group intensively. We determine who’s in it as well as their needs, values and behaviours. Models tailored to the unique requirements of B2B communication, such as the brand semantic space according to VDI 4506/4 guidelines or Personas, also help us illustrate your target groups. As a result, we can adapt our core messages and measures accordingly.

Through this approach, we develop a very concrete idea of who we need to convince.

B2B marketing strategies

Together with you, we develop a B2B marketing strategy tailored to your specific situation. We advise you comprehensively and always think beyond a single campaign. This enables us to achieve long-term success – even within limited budgets, which is sometimes the case in B2B. We always keep the future development of your company in mind.

This ensures a long-term partnership you can rely on.

Campaign optimisation

Rather than jumping straight into individual campaign activities, we strategise first and foremost on objectives. That’s why we first clarify which activities are the most logical and practical way of achieving these goals. We then create the appropriate mix of classic and digital measures – always explicitly geared to the unique requirements of B2B markets.

You’ll not only know what we’re doing but also why.