International, multimedia campaign “Mission to Zero”


International, multimedia campaign “Mission to Zero”

ABB is a global leader and future-forward technology group with four world-class business areas: Electrification, Industrial Automation, Drive Technology and Robotics & Factory Automation. Building on over 130 years of innovation, ABB today operates in more than 100 countries and employs approximately 147,000 people. With its subsidiary Busch-Jaeger Elektro, ABB has realized its first almost climate neutral and cost-optimized production site in Luedenscheid, Germany. The overall solution based on ABB technologies proves that economic efficiency and carbon-neutral production are indeed very compatible.


Position ABB as the pacesetter for the energy revolution, and launch an international and holistic communication for the future-oriented OPTIMAX® solution across multiple media platforms.


“Mission to Zero” – an international and multimedia B2B campaign focused on a highly discussed socio-political topic. As the lead agency, we conducted a positioning workshop with various ABB divisions to determining target groups, markets and core messages. We then developed a communication strategy and motto, planned campaign measures and budgets, and set the framework for a six-month campaign including a summary of its results.

  • Market and Target Group Analysis
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Positioning Workshop
  • Concept including campaign measures
  • Campaign motto
  • Development of climate counter with complex calculations
  • Design
  • Copywriting DE/EN
  • PR & Social Media
  • Campaign Film
  • Animated Infographics
  • Project Management

Mission to Zero: ABB is the pacesetter for the energy revolution. The vision of a climate-friendly future has become a mission for ABB – based on a comprehensive solution that can supply and operate private homes, office complexes and even entire cities and regions with carbon-neutral energy.

Website ABB Mission to Zero: Marketingstrategie von PUNKTUM Werbeagentur

Climate Counter

What if the ABB solutions used in Luedenscheid are wholly or even partially implemented to industrial companies, entire cities or in households? How much can I reduce my CO2 footprint? How can this situation be visualised? The Climate Counter provides the solutions! Behind the in-house developed and programmed application are calculation formulas explicitly created by us. The data is based on real-time values from Luedenscheid as well as figures from official sources such as the German Federal Statistical Office or the German Federal Environment Agency. If ABB’s solution used in all industrial plants in Germany, it would save 63.24 million tons of CO2 – that’s more than 124 billion loads of laundry.
See for yourself:

Keyvisual Referenz ABB Mission to Zero - PUNKTUM Werbeagentur

The key visual, which is realised in 3D according to our specifications, combines the areas Smart City, Smart Industry, Smart Transportation and Smart Home in an impressive and highly memorable motif.

The microsite conceptualized, designed and written by us according to the Content Funnel principle contains all information about the Mission to Zero. It includes the climate counter, the comprehensive OPTIMAX® solution, 3D animations, other reference projects, the press area and the campaign film. Following the customer journey philosophy, an intuitive microsite structure picks up the target groups developed in our strategic workshop – society and politics, industry, municipalities and the press – all in equal measure: https://new.abb.com/mission-to-zero/de/


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Campaign Film
Under our direction, the campaign infotainment clip lets the solution’s protagonists have the ultimate say. It transports the implementation of the “Mission to Zero” at Busch-Jaeger Elektro in Luedenscheid in an authentic and emotional way.

Referenz ABB Mission to Zero - PUNKTUM - B2B Marketing

Interactive Trade Fair Media
For the 2019 Hannover Messe, we have developed an interactive animation, which is fed with Luedenscheid’s current daily values and shows the positive impact OPTIMAX® has on energy consumption and energy costs in concrete figures. The trade fair animation was further developed and integrated by us for the microsite: https://new.abb.com/mission-to-zero/de/optimax


Press Releases and Social Media
Accompanying press releases in German and English language as well as social media posts complete the campaign. Since its launch in May 2019, Mission to Zero has been an almost weekly topic on ABB Germany’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/abbdeutschland/

Infographics and Fact Sheets
Numerous infographics and fact sheets illustrate the synergy of ABB solutions, CO2 savings, smart energy management, as well as the individual components in Luedenscheid in an easy and fast way. It supplements the press releases and translates the sophisticated technology into an easy-to-understand format.

Project Management
The campaign was lead-managed by our team. The regular status meetings brought all project participants together and allowed the project to run efficiently.

Opening Event
The “Mission to Zero” was launched with a high-profile event with prominent guests at BJE in Luedenscheid, which put our campaign at centre stage. We supported the event, which was organised by a partner agency of ABB.


Campaign “Mission to Zero”

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